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Parasitic Wasps

Photos by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

Place your mouse over each photo to read the caption.

Tobacco hornworm covered with the pupae of the 
parasitic Braconid wasp

Close-up of pupae showing where wasps have emerged Wasp emerging from pupa Recently emerged wasp about to take flight

Aphidius wasp and aphids on eggplant - note exit hole in aphid on left

Fall armyworm ectoparasite (Euplectrus sp.)

Fall armyworm ectoparasite (Euplectrus sp.)

Aphids parasitized by the tiny parasitic wasp, Aphidius

parasitized aphid mummy with wasp about to emerge (not outline of exit hole)

aphid mummy with exit hole where Aphidius wasp emerged

aphid parasitized by an Aphelind wasp; Aphelinidae typically form black mummies

Scelionid wasp parasitizing stink bug eggs

parasitized stink bug eggs with Scelionid wasp (parasitized eggs turn darker)

wasps about to emerge from stink bug eggs

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