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Organic Certification Recordkeeping

National Organic Program Recordkeeping Requirements for Certified Operations:

(a) A certified operation must maintain records concerning the production, harvesting, and handling of agricultural products that are or that are intended to be sold, labeled, or represented as “100 percent organic,” “organic,” or “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)).”

(b) Such records must:

(1) Be adapted to the particular business that the certified operation is conducting;

(2) Fully disclose all activities and transactions of the certified operation in sufficient detail as to be readily understood and audited;

(3) Be maintained for not less than 5 years beyond their creation; and

(4) Be sufficient to demonstrate compliance with the Act and the regulations in this part.

(c) The certified operation must make such records available for inspection and copying during normal business hours by authorized representatives of the Secretary, the applicable State program’s governing State official, and the certifying agent.

Recordkeeping Templates – all of these templates were designed to comply with the requirements of the USDA’s National Organic Program

Farm Recordkeeping Form Templates – includes multiple forms:

  • List of Organic Certification Records
  • Field History Sheet
  • Newly Purchased Land or Rented Land Verification
  • Seed Verification Form
  • Field Activity Log
  • Input Use Record
  • Compost Production Record
  • Neighbor Notification Letter
  • Verification of Adjoining Land Use
  • Buffer Crop Usage
  • Crop Harvest Record
  • Crop Harvest & Storage Record
  • Clean Transport Affidavit
  • Split Operation or Parallel Production Crop Record
  • Audit Control Summary
  • Complaint Log

Vegetable Recordkeeping Templates/Examples

Livestock Recordkeeping Templates/Examples

Grain Recordkeeping Templates/Examples

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