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Sustainable Production: Grower Resource List

Compiled by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

Direct Marketing

Books and Publications

  • Growing for Market (trade publication for market growers)
  • The New Farmers’ Market: Farm Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers, and Communities, by Vance Corum, Marcie Rosenzweig, and Eric Gibson
  • Sell What You Sow: the Grower’s Guide to Successful Produce Marketing, by Eric Gibson
  • Sharing the Harvest: a Guide to Community Supported Agriculture, by Elizabeth Henderson
  • Farms of Tomorrow Revisited: Community Supported Farms, Farm Supported Communities, by Trauger Groh and Steven McFadden
  • Local Harvest: a Multifarm CSA Handbook, by Scott Franzblau and Jill Perry
  • Whole-Farm Planning: Ecological Imperatives, Personal Values and Economics, by Elizabeth Henderson and Karl North; order from NOFA-New York.
  • From Asparagus to Zucchini: A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh, Seasonal Produce, by the Madison Area CSA Coalition (MACSAC).

Direct Marketing Supplies

  • A-Roo Company
    305-463-7011; Miami, FL
    floral packaging, including sleeves and bags
  • Action Bag Company
    888-715-3458; Kingwood, TX
    polybags, tissue paper, cellophane wrap, etc.
  • Buckhorn
    800-543-4454; Milford, OH
    re-usable plastic containers for harvest or packaging
  • Central Carolina Scales
    919-776-7737; Sanford, NC
    market scales

This document is a partial list of resources for growers and does not imply endorsement by North Carolina State University, North Carolina A&T State University, or North Carolina Cooperative Extension of any of the companies, products, or organizations listed.

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