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Small Farmer Listservs

I have created several listservs for small farmers and other clients. My hope is that these lists will provide a forum for discussion, support, and networking among farmers and gardeners interested in sustainable agriculture in North Carolina (researchers and agricultural educators are also welcome!).

I invite you to post your burning questions and I hope that any list member with something to share on the topic will participate in the discussion so that we may learn from each other. I think the lists can also be useful for fostering cooperation among farmers for marketing, purchasing inputs (cover crop seeds, soil amendments, etc.), on-farm research, traveling to conferences and workshops, and generally just sharing ideas and supporting each other so that we can continue to grow our community of small farms. All messages are archived on the web (available to members only).

Important note for yahoo and aol users: In the spring of 2014 yahoo and aol implemented new anti-spam policies that basically caused alot of problems for our listservs (not just NCSU, but ALL listservs) so because of this yahoo/aol policy, these users are not allowed to post to the listservs but can only receive emails. If you are a yahoo or aol user and you want to participate in discussions or ask questions on the listservs, you will need to subscribe using an email address other than yahoo or aol.

Available lists:

  • General sustainable agriculture – this is my announcement list, not for discussions; about 4000 subscribers
  • Growing small farms – about 800 subscribers
  • Chatham Marketplace pollinators – for volunteers who maintain the pollinator garden; about 60 subscribers
  • Chatham forestry – for Chatham County forest landowners; about 450 subscribers

To subscribe to any list, email Debbie Roos and put “subscribe” in the subject line, and indicate which list(s) you want to subscribe to. I will sign you up and you will receive a welcome message with instructions and archive sites.

If you have any questions, contact Debbie Roos at 919-542-8202.

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Debbie Roos, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionDebbie RoosExtension Agent, Agriculture - Sustainable / Organic Production Call Debbie E-mail Debbie N.C. Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Center
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