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Farm Photo: Chinese Delegation Visits Local Farms

June 26, 2008

Photos by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

The Chatham County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension was recently honored to host a delegation of researchers and professors from Bejing Agricultural University. The group was visiting North Carolina State University and was interested in learning about Cooperative Extension and visiting local farms. We took the group to visit two Chatham County farms outside of Pittsboro: Manco Dairy and Ayrshire Farm.

Manco Dairy

Lynn Mann with group

Farmer Lynn Mann shows off his corn silage to an appreciative audience. The whole corn plant is chopped and allowed to ferment to convert it into silage, which can be stored for several years with little loss of nutrients. Lynn grows all his own feed stock at Manco Dairy.

cows feeding

calf pens

The group checks out the calf pens and their occupants!

looking at calfs

The calves emerge to greet the visitors.

inside the dairy

Inside the milking parlor.

loading ground corn

Lynn’s son Jessie loads ground corn to be mixed with other ingredients to make feed. Waste by-products that used to go into the landfill, such as cotton seed hulls and citrus pulp, are combined with mineral supplements to make a high quality feed for the cows.

group shot

Group shot.

Ayrshire Farm

looking at leeks

Farmer Bill Dow (in hat) discusses his leek crop.

group looks at tomatoes

The visitors were very interested in learning about community supported agriculture. Bill is part of the Mid-Chatham Farmers’ Alliance CSA.

Bill discusses his pepper crop

Everyone wants to hear about different peppers grown in North Carolina.


The group checks out the cucumber crop while Bill explains how he markets to the triangle’s top restaurants.

the group talks with Bill Dow

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