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February 13, 2006: Goat Giving Birth at Celebrity Dairy

Farm Photos of the Week

February 13, 2006

Photos and text by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

Goat Giving Birth at Celebrity Dairy 
Siler City, NC

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Whitney tends to Apple

The busy kidding season starts in early February and runs through March. About 160 kids will be born at Celebrity Dairy during this period. Whitney May, Celebrity Dairy’s head cheesemaker and herdsman, offers Apple some water and molasses as she starts labor on a cold and rainy day in February. Apple has lots of company – humans, goats, a turkey, chickens, and peacock all share the relative warmth of the barn.

Buck grooms Whitney

A young buck with a memorable “curlicue” on his forehead gives Whitney a “goat-lick” in her hair as she tries to stay warm while tending to Apple.

The amniotic sack appears

The amniotic sack makes an appearance and signals the beginning of labor.

Amniotic sack

Apple remained very quiet and calm throughout the entire labor, which took about 40 minutes. This is Apple’s third kidding.

Whitney checks Apple's progress

Whitney checks Apple’s progress as her herdmates look on. When a doe is giving birth, her herdmates will often gather around, putting their heads on the mom for support.

Close-up of amniotic sack

You can now see the nose of the kid emerging from the birth canal. Proper presentation is seeing the two front legs come first, with the kid’s head rested on top.

Whitney and goats watch

Close-up of Apple

Tristy and Whitney help Apple

Apprentice Tristy Evely lends a hand as Whitney starts to pull. Many does at the dairy give birth totally on their own. Whitney will lend a hand if the birth is taking a long time or there is a problem.

Whitney pulls the kid

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