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Farm Photos: Piedmont Farm Tour

April 19-20, 2008

Photos by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

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Fickle Creek Farm

Fickle Creek Farm is known for its animals, including 700+ laying hens, a 30-doe meat goat herd and their kids, a 50-ewe sheep flock and their lambs, plus steers and pigs. Four Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs protect all the animals. An on-farm Bed and Breakfast provides relaxing farm stays.

You can find Fickle Creek Farm at the Durham Farmers’ Market and the South Estes Farmers’ Market. Learn more by visiting their website.


The laying hens live on pasture and spend their nights in an “egg-mobile” like the one pictured above. The egg-mobiles can be moved to new pasture as needed and contain laying boxes to facilitate egg harvesting. The hens spend the night inside protected from predators.

Diogo harvests eggs

The “Pick Your Own Eggs” activity at the farm was VERY popular! Diogo shows off his harvest.

Kids show their parents how to harvest fresh eggs!

Another one of the farm’s egg-mobiles.

Noah demonstrates the egg-washing machine

Farmer Noah Ranells (in tan cap) shows off the Aqua-Magic, the farm’s new egg washing machine.

Farmer Ben Bergmann talks about egg production and handling.

pigs in pines

You know pigs are happy when they have mud to wallow in!
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