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Varroa Mite on Honey Bee

April 25, 2005

Photos by Debbie Roos, Agricultural Extension Agent.

varroa mite on developing honey bee

The light-colored developing honey bee has a parasitic varroa mite attached to it. Varroa mites feed on developing bees and can severely weaken colonies. Varroa mites have contributed significantly to the decline of honey bee populations in North Carolina. North Carolina State University has a cost-share program to help new beekeepers learn the trade (participants were selected in April 2005). Learn more at the NCSU Apiculture website.

varroa mite on developing honey bee

Close-up of varroa mite on developing honey bee.

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from the 2005 Chatham Beekeepers’ Association Spring Field Day.

Visit the Chatham County Cooperative Extension Beekeeping website.

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