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Figure 1. Great Spangled Fritillary

Butterflies in Your Backyard

You can attract the many butterflies found throughout North Carolina to your backyard by following …

2 days agoUrban Wildlife
Hardwood lumber loaded for delivery to downstream users.

North Carolina Lumber Production, Consumption, and Revenue Trends, 1998 to 2013

This publication provides information regarding lumber production by North Carolina manufacturers over a 16-year time …

2 weeks ago
Figure 1. In North Carolina, hardwoods dominate softwoods

North Carolina's Forest and Forest Products Industry by the Numbers

This publication discusses the contributions that North Carolina’s forests and forest products industry provide to …


What Happens When a Fan Goes Out in Your Pine Kiln?

This wood products note highlights a case study involving drying 4/4 pine boards in a …

10/11/18Wood Products Notes
Figure 1. Costs and revenues per acre considered in the example.

Valuing Immature Forest Stands

This publication discusses the process for valuing immature timber stands that may have been lost …

Iredell County Forestry Impacts 2014

This factsheet, part of a series on forestry impacts in North Carolina, offers information specific …

10/10/18Forestry Impacts

What’s a Timber Sale Contract? What Landowners Need to Know

This Eastern Forestry Note discusses specific contract provisions that should be addressed in a timber …

White Oak Quality Index, 2016

This note describes how a quality Index can be used to predict the lumber product …