Farm Visit Snapshots: Perry-Winkle Farm to Market!

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From Chatham County Agriculture Agent Debbie Roos:

In early June I got to spend time with our two Extension interns Kristin Peters and Kayla Ferro. Kristin just finished her M.S. in Forestry at NC State University and Kayla just finished her Master’s of Public Health at UNC. We started the day visiting Perry-winkle Farm to see the crew harvesting and preparing for the afternoon market. We ended the day visiting the Fearrington Farmers’ Market which was special because Kristin and Kayla got to see all the flowers and produce at the Perry-winkle Farm table that they saw being harvested and processed this morning!

You can find Perry-winkle Farm at the Fearrington Farmers’ Market and the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. Follow them on Instagram at @perrywinklefarm.

Two people in a field

Cathy Jones and Taij Cotten harvest Ammi majus, false Queen Anne’s lace. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Three women in a field

Kristin and Kayla talk to Victoria Cotten as she harvests Nigella, love-in-a-mist. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Woman with flowers

Cathy cuts bachelor’s buttons and Agrostemma. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Blue and white flowers

Super gorgeous love-in-a-mist. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Purple and yellow flowers

They are growing strawflower for the first time this year, mostly to dry to use in arrangements when the fresh flowers are done! Photo by Debbie Roos.

Flowers in a bucket

Buckets of cut flowers destined for the cooler. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Blue, white, and red flowers

Love-in-a-mist with snapdragons and Ammi. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Man in golf cart

Mike Perry and Olive with freshly harvested cabbage. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Two women with chickens

Kayla and Kristin with some of the pastured laying hens. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Food in a cooler

The walk-in cooler was full to the brim hours before heading to market! Photo by Debbie Roos.

People cleaning food

Taij, Cathy, and Victoria clean freshly harvested scallions. Photo by Debbie Roos.

People buying food

Customers wait in line at the Perry-winkle Farm booth at the Fearrington Farmers’ Market. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Fennel and scallions

Perry-winkle Farm fennel and scallions at the Fearrington Farmers’ Market. Photo by Debbie Roos.

Women with flowers

Kayla and Kristin loved the bouquets and veggies they got at market! Photo by Debbie Roos.