Kudzu Bug Invasion!

Last fall I got alot of calls from folks wanting to know what insects were all over their figs, beans, tomatoes, and other crops. So I took photos and made a new web page to introduce our newest invasive exotic pest: the kudzu bug (Megacopta cribraria). Now it is spring and the calls and texts and emails and Facebook posts are pouring in because our little friends are back after sleeping snugly in their overwintering sites. Again people are seeing kudzu bugs congregate on figs, magnolia, bronze fennel, and on the sides of houses. Expect to see alot more kudzu bugs this year than last year. I updated my web page so you can read all about the kudzu bugs on the Growing Small Farms website.

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Debbie RoosExtension Agent, Agriculture - Sustainable / Organic Production (919) 542-8202 Chatham County, North Carolina

Posted on May 13, 2013

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