Chatham Residents Invited to Participate in New Food Council

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A task force involved in starting a community-based Chatham Food Council invites residents to apply to serve on the first official council. The Chatham Food Council is expected to convene for the first time in June 2014.

In the last five years, at least 24 counties in North Carolina have formed food councils, which are partnership organizations aimed at bringing together key people involved in local food economies to improve community and regional food systems.

Local food systems include an array of important components, such as community gardens, farmers’ markets, produce stands, farm-school partnerships, transportation and affordability of foods.

Food councils help promote stronger local food systems, including improving access to healthy local foods. They assess the current food situation, make recommendations on how to improve it and communicate recommendations to policymakers and organizations that can take action.

The three major functions of the Chatham Food Council will include: developing a policy agenda based on practical research for policy changes; advocating for specific food systems issues; and sharing information, including events, services, and programs.

Members of the Chatham Food Council must be prepared to attend monthly meetings, but the members will decide when and where the meetings occur.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the Chatham Food Council, complete an application form no later than April 30, 2014.

Chatham County Food Council on-line application

You will hear back by May 31 on the status of your application.

There also will be opportunities for people to serve on committees of the Food Council, which will get underway later in the year.

To learn more:

About the Chatham County Food Council

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If you have questions about the Chatham Food Council, contact Sarah Weller at 919-545-8443 or